The MINER Experiment

Welcome to the official website of the Mitchell Institute Neutrino Experiment at Reactor. The experiment is carried out at the Nuclear Science Center(NSC) at Texas A&M University. The primary goal is to observe Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering(CEνNS) which is yet to be measured experimentally. The challenges posed by the extremely low energy threshold requirement for this detecion is met by using state of the art semiconductor detector technology which makes use of Neganov-Luke phonon amplification method. If successful, CEνNS can be used to probe new physics scenerios including search for sterile neutrino oscillations, neutrino magnetic moment and other processes beyond the standard model. The experiment utilizes a mega-watt class TRIGA(Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics) pool reactor stocked with low enriched 235U. The reactor has a unique advantage of having a movable core and provides access to deploy detectors as close as about 1m from the reactor, allowing for a varying distance from the neurtino source to the detector. At these short baselines and given the standard model cross section, we expect to detect as many as 5 to 20 events/kg/day in the range of recoil energies between 10 and 1000 eVnr.

Recent News and Updates

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